November 2023: SD4Health Kickoff Meeting Unveils Exciting Initiatives

Last fall, the SD4Health kickoff meeting marked the beginning of an exciting journey towards transforming health and genomic research through innovation, collaboration, and cutting-edge technologies. Bringing together main stakeholders* of the initiative, the meeting showcased the status of SD4Health and a range of new initiatives arising in the ecosystem that are set to drive significant advancements in health and genomic research outcomes.

In addition to providing an overview of SD4Health’s objectives, the kickoff meeting highlighted the integration of advanced research computing technologies that will play a crucial role in accelerating data processing, enabling sophisticated analytics, and ultimately fostering the development of AI-driven solutions.

The meeting also emphasized SD4Health’s commitment to be a secure cloud infrastructure, with a focus on privacy protection and ethical data use across all initiatives and projects.

As SD4Health moves forward, upcoming events, milestones, and collaborative initiatives are set to further enhance knowledge exchange, networking opportunities, and cross-disciplinary collaborations within the healthcare and research communities. Stay tuned for more updates.

*Special thanks to our presenters: Guillaume Bourque, Nathalie Aerens and Pierre-Olivier Quirion from McGill, Suzanne Talon from Calcul Québec, Vincent Ferretti from Ste Justine, Pierre-Étienne Jacques from Université de Sherbrooke, Arnaud Droit from Université Laval, Richard Wintle from The Hospital for Sick Children, Philippe Jouvet from CHU Sainte-Justine-Université de Montréal, Ariane Marelli from MUHC, Philippe Després from CRIUCPQ-UL, Mark Leggott from The Alliance, Kym Boycott from CHEO Research Institute, Isabel Fortier from McGill, and Peter Goodhand from GA4GH.