Data is dramatically transforming biomedical research and health care. Genomes are now providing fundamental insights into our predisposition to diseases, response to therapies and the impact of the environment on our health. Moreover, advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing fields such as diagnostic imaging, while analysis of health records is helping predict patients most likely to be readmitted to a hospital.

As a global scientific community, our ability to interpret and utilize the rapidly expanding. genomic and health data is still at a nascent stage. To fully realize the benefits of this valuable information, we need computational frameworks, policies, and infrastructure to securely store, share and interpret it using AI and other advanced analysis tools.

What is SD4Health?

SD4Health is a secure cloud infrastructure for analysis and sharing of genomic and health data based on the creation of a new compute node in Québec and the enhancement of HPC4Health already existing in Ontario. Together, these will form the core of a unique inter-provincial digital platform that will eventually be expanded nationally. This will allow Canada to establish its position as a world leader in the analysis and management of genomic and health data.

What will SD4H deliver?

Over the next decade, our ability to use and share data will be critical in almost every clinical investigation, as well as in basic and biomedical research.

The increasing use of high-throughput technologies and health data has already generated demand for analysis, software and computational technologies surpassing what is currently available in individual centers but also nationally.

In this context, SD4H will notably make it possible to:

  • Ensure the security of genomic and health data by deploying a dedicated governance framework and appropriate technologies
  • Facilitate data sharing nationally and globally, while respecting the protection of personal information
  • Apply advanced analytics, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), to distributed data

For Information:

The objective of SD4Health is to support the Canadian genomics and biomedical community with their data projects. For more information, fill out our form and we will contact you. Should you have a service issue, email us at

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